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Moon Water

Moon Water

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🌑🌕🌙Moon Water🌙🌕🌑

Fully charged by the full moon, blessed and ready to manifest! ❤️‍🔥✨ Collected last night (27th)

Moon water made under any phase of the moon is energetically supportive of our intuition, self-care, rest, sleep, and nourishment, and especially powerful from a full moon. Moon water is based on the belief that the moon’s impact can be used to enhance spells, induce divination, and empower intuition and intentions. The moon is considered by many cultures to be a purifying force with the ability to cleanse and charge objects. This is why some people place their crystals or tarot decks in the moonlight.

How to use: (check the comments for in depth)
Make tea, use in ritual/spellwork, self care(baths, facial toner), drink it & make coffee/tea, cleanse crystals, water plants, create a cleansing spray, and so so so much more!

4 oz blessed water 

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