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Indigo Water

Indigo Water

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💧🧿Indigo Water🧿💧

This alternative to sage can be used for spiritual protection, warding off the evil eye, raising the vibration of an area, and cleansing the aura. It is the perfect alternative to sage if you are unable to burn it! Indigo Water is used to enhance spiritual protection by bringing peace to a place, person or situation. It can be used as an antidote to hexes, and the evil eye helps to prevent negativity from entering the premises where it is used. It also helps to strengthen your aura as well as your spirtual intuition.

Here are some common uses:

🧿Add a few drops of indigo water to your bathwater to cleanse your aura and remove negative energy.

🧿Sprinkle indigo water or leave a small bowl of it near your front door or around your home or workplace to protect yourself from negative energy and evil spirits.

🧿Use indigo water to anoint your third eye before divination rituals to enhance your psychic abilities.

Indigo water is a powerful tool for spiritual cleansing, protection, and growth.
Whether you are looking to open your third eye, strengthen your intuition, or remove negative energy, indigo water is a valuable tool to have for your spiritual journey.

Alsooooo, this stuff smells so dang good!!! 👀
Handcrafted & blessed! (I have the blue hands to prove it) 😂

4 oz. 

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